Feng Shui
"Nature is the Essence of Life"

feng • shui n. (fung- SHWAY)

  • An ancient Chinese system designed to promote health, happiness and prosperity through interaction with nature and the use of spatial orientation to enhance the flow of energy in the environment.
  • Today Feng Shui is defined as the science and art of energy. Energy can NOT be created or destroyed, but it CAN be transformed.
  • Energetic systems existed in all cultures, but remained intact in China.
  • Rediscovered in 1970, individuals, businesses and corporations throughout the world now recognize Feng Shui’s ability to create harmony, balance and abundance in both home and workplace.
  • Tools to transform energy are seen and unseen, large and small. Walls, objects, colors, light, sound, aroma, temperature, crystals, essences and images are all solutions to resolve imbalances.
  • Feng shui consultants use ancient science and modern software to define the energy of time and space, their interpretation is the art.
  • KISMET Feng Shui transforms energy into an abundant usable force.
Feng Shui Defined

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