Feng Shui
"What helps people, helps businesses"
~ Leo Burnett

KISMET Feng Shui understands your business.
Get an edge on the competition and boost profitability.

Use Feng Shui formulas to:

  • Stop traffic on the street or on the internet
  • Choose elements which support brand identity and corporate image
  • Select a location which best supports your business
  • Create energetic flow between each department
  • Design offices to maximize efficiency
  • Select colors which create harmony and well being
  • Predict trends, plan strategies, remove stagnation
  • Boost ‘team spirit”, foster positive thinking
  • Think outside the box in a global economy

Consultations are customized to your business; large or small, 
retail or manufacturing, finance or hospitality.

All consultations are strictly confidential.

Commercial Feng Shui

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