Feng Shui
"Let me be crystal clear"
~ Unknown

KISMET Feng Shui begins each consultation
with a breathe of fresh energy.

Space clearing opens the door, to release vibrations from the past.
Each clearing is designed specific to the property and client.

Space clearing in conjunction with Feng Shui will:

  • Assess and divert magnetic grids beneath the earth’s surface
  • Protect from the effects of electromagnetic fields
  • Release spirit energy held within the land, the space and objects
  • Remove the residue of former occupants and negative emotions
  • Clear the effects of clutter, illness and divorce
  • Defend against unwanted energy entering your field
  • Attract the intention you desire to bring into your life
  • Create a sense of joy…that feel good feeling

KISMET Feng Shui will guide you in ways to maintain a clear, healthy
home. Space Clearings can be performed on site or from a distance.

Space Clearing

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